Marta Reparaz Lipperheide

I am 22 years old, born in Spain, raised in Bilbao and based in Milano.

I started my fashion brand during my early age at 14 years old. I’ve moved to Milano in order to develop my skills and pursue my future career. I consider myself very creative, innovative and with a futuristic vision in the design aspect. Among all fields of the fashion industry I would like to approach and learn more about the creative part of the process and the manipulation of the fabrics.

I believe in the idea of telling stories through fashion and my biggest goals are to become a Creative Director of a luxury brand and create my own luxury brand in the near future.

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In this collection I have been inspired by the relativity of existence and non-existence; by nothingness and everything. For the title I decided to call it EX-IT as I play with the exit and entrance of two parallel worlds. Nothingness and everything seem to be far apart but really, aren’t they the same?

This collection raises a series of personal questions that have been haunting my thoughts for a long time and I have not been able to find an answer to them. What is the reason for our existence? Is what I perceive real?

These are questions that are taboo in our society, which is why I am here to talk about them, to normalize them with a touch of sarcasm.All these futuristic questions produce a lot of uncertainty about the future of the human species, what is the future of the human species? It could be an apocalypse or a radical evolution of mankind.

These opposing but complementary uncertainties are what give meaning to my collection. Contradictions that resemble each other, as is nothingness and everything.

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