Every one Sees What They Know

ESWTK is a genderless F\W collection.
The research investigating the importance of textile.
Functionality and performing aspect is the new object of communication, emphasize by textile printing which applies additional visual messages.
My prints want to exalt our sense: sound, thermal and dinamics.

Workwear and sportswear blend with high tailoring reworked in an industrial key.
Strong characterization of garments; mostly padded items with 100% recyclable ThermoreĀ® padding.
Evident is the inspiration from Bruno Munari on simultaneous contrasts and fractals.
Through the liquid color I wanted to recreate the feeling of warmth and energy.

The secret of a good music is a fractal rhytm, balance between predictabilty and surprise.
We are a binary company accostumed to classify by opposities, but there are a random dimension where the meaning of harmony is replaced by succession and overlap.
Always looking forward not posing the problem of being without continuity, like a stream of consciousness.

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Lucia Grande

My name is Lucia Grande, I'm 22 years old.
I was born in Naples and I came to Milan to study fashion.
I'm graduating in NABA and my collection is called "Everyone sees what they know".
My passion for design was born with me, as if it were pre-established. I've always had this unstoppable desire to create.