Qingyuan Wang

Bio: I'm Wang Qingyuan and I live in Hangzhou, China, a beautiful city composed of history and advanced Internet industry. My mother is an excellent tailor, she sewed all the clothes for me when I was very young. Maybe since then, the love of making clothes has quietly emerged in my heart. I decided to come to Milan to study fashion design because I wanted to meet a brand new culture with fashion heritage that I've never encountered before. I hope that when my eastern soul and western culture collide, good designs full of vitality and passion can be created.


"Journey to the West" is an ancient Chinese mythological novel that tells stories between humans, gods and monsters. Itís my initial enlightenment to myth and aesthetics so I chose it as the inspiration to develop my final project. I combined it with fairy-kei style to give it a new look full of sweet atmosphere. Fairy-kei is a street fashion style that originated in Tokyo, Japan in 90s, it advocates extreme sweetness and dreaminess. I tried to merge the two because they are both utopias of my spiritual world, able to comfort my soul, and I really want to create a collection that Iíll personally be into. It's worth mentioning that Chinese myth has a different concept of time from other mythological systems in the world. In order to emphasize the "time" in my designs, in addition to the fusion of Chinese myth and fairy-kei, I'll also add futuristic elements to the whole collection, trying to make "past", "present" and "future" coexist in it.

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