My work and clothes are a metaphor for the visual and mental perceptions that I reconstruct.
The collection aims to tell the ecstasy of the human being, a psychic state of suspension that for some factors is not manifested in its entirety (even under an ironic sphere).
The search for ecstasy unconsciously is continuous for the human being every day.
The key subjects and symbols of the collection are the sea, the bathroom, the towel, the soap, the roses, intimate objects and the moments that humans live to reach this absorbed state; a state of isolation and elevation, experiencing a particular emotion but not well defined at the same time.
It almost becomes a sort of bulimic experience, where the prints are the result of the latter.
The leaders metaphorically want to express this condition; they are often layered, assembled, yes
they transform into accessories and bags and take away clothes and objects or accessories of some young musical artists.

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Alice Goj

I'm Alice Goj, I'm 21 years old
and I was born and raised in Milan.
I attend the Fashion Design course at NABA.
Fashion for me is an expedient to externalize the most emotional sides of my person.
In fact, my works are always a metaphor for the mental and visual perceptions that I reconstruct.
The collection that I designed is inspired by a trip I made last summer to Cannes, France.
The collection aims to tell the ecstasy of the human being,a psychic state of suspension that for some factors is not manifested in its entirety.

The communication strategy I developed for the brand of Alice Goj, focuses on her ability to create a unique image. Her way of design and her products bring you in a surreal dimension that introduces a new perception of the ordinary. What I did was trying to translate this new dimension into a coordinated image.I took all the favorites elements of the designer and I combined them to create a world where the customer can get lost. A state that doesn't identify either with reality or dream. In general, the main element that characterized Alice's work is fluid. In fact, not only it is the main inspiration of all her collections but also she uses it to create unique and inventive prints. The idea of fluid can be applied also in the way she designs, the majority of her pieces are convertible. For her current collection, I decided to emphasize this fluidity by introducing the element of the pool a place where you can get a sunburn but also attend an exclusive party.

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Gloria Incardona

I'm from Agrigento, Sicily. My interest in fashion started as a child, even though before I was attracted to the design process now I'm all about creating images and developing new communicative channels. This project focus on the uniqueness of the designer and her surreal dimension. I took inspiration from the main element of the collection which is water and I combined it with the convertible property of the pieces.