Michael Stivanello

Michael Stivanello.
HelloI'm Michael StivanelloA new fashion designer who lives in Milan.I have always had a passion for fashion and for this reason I decided to undertake fashion design studies at NABA, which allowed me to deepen and learn about various facets of the fashion world.

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Erotic Escape

My collection tells of a journey into a metaphysical and post-modern reality where the body and sexuality intersect perfectly with the landscape. The hedonistic body is at the center of the spirit of the collection: it is enhanced and framed through the materials and shapes of the clothes, increasing the erotic desire. The fabrics are mainly natural, paying attention to the leathers.In the collection there is a strong inspiration from the bdsm and fetish world for the use of leather and jute ropes. The aluminum sculptures are inspired by the cult of the hellenic body and the neclassicism shapes.

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