Kate Lyra Dimaculangan

Iím Kate and Iím from the Philippines but I was born and raised here in Milan. Living and studying here was and itís still a blessing because I started taking interest in drawing and then develop it in the world of fashion. Most of the collections that I made are inspired from my life experiences: concepts and topics that I like, hobbies, family, friends, origins and go on. The thought of transmitting all this through clothes, fabrics, shapes and volumes is something that has always struck me and that keeps me to want to continue on this path.


The ďEncounterĒ collection is inspired by my vision of the West and the East on which I carried out a research based on three aspects, to highlight the differences. The first concerns the lifestyle and the philosophy that govern these two worlds; the second concerns the art of writing: the writers and the Chinese calligraphy. Finally, the third aspect concerns architecture, the powerful and detailed forms of Gehry's artistic deconstructivism, the simplicity and connection with nature of the Japanese "machiya" houses. Then two lines were born with its own color palette, the choice of the palette is not based on the moodboard but on these two opposite worlds: black and white. The shades of black are used for the western line; the shades of white for the oriental line. Finally, my second goal is to merge this two worlds together, because I think there is a certain balance between them. I wanted to create this harmony through the exchange of fabrics. Fabrics with natural fibers, derived from the East, are incorporated with "Western" garments, while fabrics with synthetic fibers, derived from the West, are incorporated with "Eastern" ones.

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The concept of interpretation of the "Encounter" collection arises from the study and union of aesthetics and Western culture with the Eastern one. Two opposite worlds whose characteristics are also expressed by their artistic production which was the main aspect of this project. If in the West art expresses chaos and avant-garde, in the East the latter has always been linked to the world of nature and its balance. The discovery of Chinese calligraphic art was fundamental, which represents the red thread of the entire production.

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Antonio Capozzoli

Hi, I'm Antonio Capozzoli, I come from Paestum (SA) and I am attending the third year of Styling and Comunication in NABA.