Matteo Rosario Cunardi

Matteo Rosario Cundari
Matteo was born in Cosenza, 2001. He’s attending the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, studying at the Fashion Design course. He has always been fascinated by the world of theater because of the evocative atmosphere that the set of lights, scenography and costumes can create. He has a passion for the history of costume, because he shows how society has influenced the way of exposing itself and thinks that it is important to understand certain evolutionary processes to always be one step ahead. His greatest incentive to create his projects are the folk cultures of the various countries - the language of tradition


The Empusa collection was born taking as a starting point the life that women carry out in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, in the communities of shamans and healers, and then descend into the depths of their sexuality meeting the nightlife of the city. The woman, tired of the responsibilities that close her in the daily monotony, looks for a way of rebellion escaping the identity of mother, wife or daughter - creates an alter ego that puts her inside a reality apparently unrelated to her everyday life but that is part of her essence and femininity.
Empusa, the woman who takes possession of the pleasures of the night exposing her vulnerability, embodies the erotic while remaining linked to her roots of campaign full of knowledge and tradition. The forest has a predominant role, because of the intimate bond that the woman has with nature, the same forest that she venerates, will mark the passage and the clash between folklore and the materialism of the city.

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The Roxy collection takes as its starting point the life that the woman carries out in the heart of the Carpathian mountains and then descends into the depths of her own sexuality encountering the nightlife of the city. The collection will consist of transparencies and allegories that will indicate the descent from the mountains and the encounter with sexuality but will still present elements of the village costume, which will underline a woman who transforms herself without abandoning her culture and tradition.

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Giulia Chiatroni

Giulia was born in a small provincial town near Rome in 1996. Giulia attends the Naba Academy of Fine Arts with a specialization in Fashion Styling. Passionate about photography since she was a child, she attended a professional styling & communication course in Rome which allowed her to work as an assistant stylist for about a year. She collaborates with several magazines, obtaining several publications for independent magazines such as Will Magazine, Pap, Neoque, Yoko Mag, Haute Punch. She has been following two emerging brands for some time: Madele and Adrian Hats. Passionate about art and photography, she never misses the opportunity to visit stimulating exhibitions and environments.