Akshita Singh

Name: Akshita
Last name: Singh
Bio: Fashion Design student, English track

Bechance profile:


It is a gender-fluid, seasonless collection that represents aspects of a females' pain and suffering when one loses a child. It is highly common for women to go through a miscarriage or get aborted. Despite the commonality of this topic it is not frequently talked about. In Loss of the innocents persists a feeling that life takes a toll on each individual emotionally, These emotions that individuals go through dress the planet.

This collection re-imagines the meaning of emotions through Frida Kahlo is one of the most talented female artists of her time and one of the very few to depict this subject. Her experience through miscarriage and heartbreak. She had argued that her work reflected more of her reality than her dreams. Therefore, I have tried to realise those emotions in her artworks into a collection.

The reason behind choosing this artist is due to the Intriguing methods she has used realism in her work to express such complex emotions which, motivated me to gain more knowledge about her work.

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Emotions through Kahlo is a collection based on self-observation and experience rather than pure logic. It examines and interprets people’s deepest emotions through the lens of the most famous female artist - Frida Kahlo, by showing how our reality can be at times surrealistic and absurd. The collection draws attention to the importance of self-knowledge and focuses on the most personal self-expression – the one done by one’s own hand in the form of art and written text. After all, who are we without our sentiments, our pains and troubles, our ephemeral moments of content?

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Tzveta Ivanona Torlova

Hi! My name is Tzveta and I am 21 years old. I am born in Sofia, Bulgaria and my name translated in Italian means fiore, which is the reason why my friends in Milan call me like that. I believe that fashion is the best storyteller and I am eager to explore its techniques and to put them into practice in order to communicate to people my work and my personal understanding of beauty. This is the reason why I decided to study Fashion Styling and Communication.