"Elements" is a womenswear collection whose aim is to promote mindful and multipurpose garments made with sustainable materials. The main inspiration behind this collection comes from modular architecture and design pieces that are based on the construction of modules that are coupled together to give shape to a specific structure.
"Elements" is thought for people that love traveling and explore the world without hurting it. In fact, the detachable and reversible garments are designed to be worn in different ways and be multifunctional so that the traveler won't need to pack unneeded pieces in their suitcase. This concept ties into another very important aspect of the project, which is sustainability. The intention behind these designs is to create sustainable pieces that will last in time by focusing on natural fabrics. The style of the designs remains clean and minimalistic, while experimenting with an alternation of neutral and more colourful tones.

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Alessia Petazzi

Hi! My name is Alessia and I am from Varese, Italy.
I have always been passionate about the fashion industry and the beauty world. Both realities allow me to express my creativity and my ideas. I deeply love to share my creative vision with other fashion and beauty enthusiasts, experimenting new points of view and pushing my limits.