Giorgio Silvestri

Hi, I'm Giorgio,
I'm always looking for stimuli, I like to learn and get involved in new environments that can inspire my creativity.
The fast-paced life of Milan has always been part of my life, under pressure I can overcome my limits and work better. I believe that to be an integral part of a large metropolis, it is necessary to be always effective and efficient, organized and precise. Throughout my university studies, I have worked on various team projects that have enriched my knowledge and ability to work in a team.
I like to travel and observe the details of what surrounds me; I use photography to capture urban details that arouse my emotions. My main source of inspiration is the architect, I love simple and linear geometric shapes.
In my spare time I create objects, paintings and experiment with the use of plastic and building materials, this allows me to tap into my most instinctive and primitive artistic expression.
Giving voice to my creativity and training my talents are my highest aspirations, so I would like to work in the style office, which would allow me above all to enrich my cultural and experiential background and to put into action all that I have invested and learned during my university studies.


The Dystopia collection is inspired by George Orwell's novel, 1984. While reading the book, sharp and detailed images of the city materialized in my mind. I sensed the sense of oppression, arising from the imposed sate of power, and I depicted it through the rigidity of the forms. From the brutalist architecture, which I imagined. I captured and extrapolated minute details and geometric shapes. I focused primarily on the jobs that the citizens of this dystopian world performed: functional garments for manual labor and formal garments for the intellectual professions.

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Giorgio Silvestri's WARM brand takes inspiration from brutalist and minimalist artistic currents, in an industrial setting. Hence his first collection dictated by cold colors. The brand follows the designer's taste and brings with it, in graphic form, his feelings expressed through immersion in an aseptic world far from reality. The institutional graphics find their identity through the WARM logotype flanked by a palette of grays. The project of the show, the shooting and the fashion video are born from my personal interpretation of George Orwell's novel "1984" combined with the brutalist and industrial world that reflects the designer's collection and style.

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Elena Serafini

I don't remember when my passion for fashion was born, I think it has always existed, I just had to discover it. For me, fashion is an instrument of seduction, of expression of truth, the desire to play and transform ourselves. The dress has always represented the highest expression of ourselves and through this we introduce ourselves to the people. Also fashion is always poised between dream and reality and is capable of always taking us in other worlds.