"Double" is a collection based on the concept of minimalism and sustainability.
With this women's collection I propose a line of minimalist but at the same time sustainable clothing. Minimalism is the tool to remove the superfluous and focus attention on what matters. The concept of sustainability is translated not only through sustainable and recyclable yarns, but above all through a theory studied and developed by me.
This theory is based on the realization of the garments made in half, which by means of snap buttons or zips on the front or back, allow them to be composed and disassembled, so as to obtain a look that is always different and innovative, but at the same time easy to wear. Through this combination and reconstruction of some parts you have a new and original garment.
The knitwear is the characterizing element of this collection that is present in every look.

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Mar'yana P'yetsukh

My name is Mar’yana P’yetsukh, I’m 22 years old and I come from Ukraine.
I have been living in Milan for 11 years and my passion for fashion coincide with my arrival.
I was born and raised in a campaign where fashion has no meaning for people that generally all dress the same.
In Milan I discovered a different world, people have a more open mindset and I immediately noticed how many manage to identify themselves with their own way of dressing.
In this women's collection I have tried to import the concept of minimalism as a lifestyle, also defined as "less is more" which has as its goal the elimination of excess.
Minimal and sustainable clothing means to me production of garments that can be composed and broken down by using snap buttons or zips.