Anna Carubelli

Anna was born in a small town near Monza in 2000. She attended the artistic High School “Preziosissimo Sangue” in Monza where she graduated in scenography. Now she is attending the course of fashion design in Naba Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. The surrounding environment has always inspired her to create new scenarios, mixing images through collages and creating small booklets, the embryonic phase of her projects. Also passionate about illustration and photography she’s also discovering the world of sound design and cinema. She believes that contact and exchange with like-minded people can only add value and meaning to the work. Right now, the main artists who are inspiring her are Andrei Tarkovsky, Jan Švankmajer and Alejandro Jodoroswki.


The collection was born from a research linked to the concept of ugliness that has as reference a certain type of Russian aesthetics (and Eastern Europe) contemporary, revisited and integrated by personal experiences, lived in those places. Nature thus becomes a means of visual experimentation, impregnating itself in the garments becoming an indefinite print and a source of hope.
Recurring elements are the symbols (symbolism) unpublished, which take up concepts of Alejandro Jodorosky, revisiting them through a surrealist perspective such as that proposed by Jan Švankmajer in his short films and Matthew Barney in "Cremaster".
Particular attention is paid to the element of waste and its form: an empty form, a negative space that can be transformed into a useful object.

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