Developpe un Corrset

DANCE is one of the most developed and present themes within the history of the arts. From literature, poetry, painting and sculpture, there are numerous examples that refer to this form of art so important within the culture of humanity. Dance is a language that expresses and manifests itself through a harmony of forms and movements. A perfect art form, free, the most intense there is, a soul that moves along with the music, a free body that lets itself be guided by the notes, until you feel them inside you. Those who dance establish a special bond between their body and soul. He has the ability to convey his feelings to the public without saying a word using only body language.
The bodice is the female garment that covers the bust, without sleeves, with or without straps, more or less low-cut, usually close to the body. In its evolution, the models and materials of the packaging have determined its terminology: corset, bustier, top, bodice, bustier and corsage. Used for several occasions as an intimate garment, a summer garment or as part of an evening dress; in the male sense it corresponds to the vest or waistcoat.
As for my women's collection, after doing a specific study on the history and evolution of classical ballet, I paid particular attention to the use of the corset in various circumstances and eras. Rigid and shiny fabrics such as vinyl in contrast with light and transparent fabrics such as organza, characterize my collection with mainly pastel tones inspired by the color palette of Edgar Degas.

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Sara di Federico

My name is Sara Di Federico and I am 21 years old. I come from Penne a village in the province of Pescara in Abruzzo but I have lived in Milan for three years where I study fashion design in Naba. I attended the artistic high school in fashion and costume address. since I was a child I loved to dress my barbies with pieces of cloth found around the project focuses on a women's clothing the corset reconstructing all its history and evolution over time. light fabrics such as organza that recall the theme of classical ballet in contrast with heavier fabrics such as shiny leather that recall the theme of sensuality and "sexy".