Deformance 2773

In this project fashion means transformation, it's an ever-changing process. Fashion is ephemeral, it changes and is transformed, to do so, fashion deconstructs what already exists to create something new. It's an evolution and destruction process, a never-ending cycle. Present is deformed and deconstructed for the reconstruction of future, a new kind of fashion. Garments are never permanent or constant, because they can always change, according to external influences. They are materials which consume, change over-time and because of use, they are mutable, these changes deform the material's original state. The element which allows this construction/deconstruction is thread, it can transform and modify object, fabric, to make it mutable, constantly evolving in a never-ending process, like it remains always unfinished. This concept develops into the collection, garments are structured by the thread, shapes are mutable, constructed and deconstructed by thread's impact on the material.

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Sarah Baino

My name is Sarah Baino, I'm 23 years old, I come from France, I was born in Toulouse, but my parents are italian. Before I start my course of study in Naba, I went to an Applied Arts High school, and then I chose to focus on fashion for the continuation of my studies, with a fashion design degree in the south of France. 
I discovered myself during this course, I developed my personality and my universe, working on minimal and essential style, giving importance to material and the experimentation process. 
For my project "deformance 2773" I wanted to work on the changing aspect of fashion, designing garments constructed and deconstruced by the green thread, they are mutale objects, in a never-ending process, the material can be transformed and deformed by the thread, everything is balanced between construction and deconstruction.

Fashion represents a transformation, a continuous change over time. It is ephemeral, it is built and deconstructed to continuously create something new. The thread is the element that allows this construction and deconstruction process; can connect, but also divide. The thread transforms and modifies an object, a fabric, to make it changeable, in continuous evolution, as if it were never completely finished. This concept is developed in the collection through garments structured by the 'thread'. My work has focused on the concept of construction-deconstruction of the image and on the impact and importance that detail has on it.

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Armida Manna

My name is Armida Manna, I was born in Benevento, a city near Naples.
My passion for fashion was born when I was a child, gradually growing this world has fascinated me more and more: the colors, the lines, the continuous innovations. The "deformance 2773" project presupposes that fashion represents a transformation, a continuous change over time. The thread is the element that allows this construction and deconstruction process; it can connect, but it can also divide. Starting from this my inspiration remains tied to the use of the wire but focuses on the concept of construction-destruction of the image.