Israfil Khilally

Hi, my name is Israfil Khilally. I was born and raised in Russia but originally iím from Azerbaijan. Iíd like to think that Iíve always enjoyed fashion and paid attention to the way people dress around me. My aesthetic is minimal but graphic at the same time. I appreciate clean and organic lines and mixing different styles in one look. The inspiration for this collection comes from beauty of classic garments that are mixed with lines of an industrial design and modern architecture.


The inspiration for this collection comes from elegance of classic garments that were transformed with organic lines and shapes of industrial design and modern architecture. It combines contrast of both soft and hard, elegant and casual, classic and futuristic. The keywords were contrast, futuristic and industrial. The key was to create a contemporary minimal collection but still keeping it classic.

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The whole collection relies on a concrete revisitation of Futurism, wisely enhanced in a contemporary key. Modern architecture, bold Futurism and games of strong contrasts are the life of the project. These three elements mix together, generating an hybrid that combines classic elegance with shapes and lines belonging to the industrial design sector. That means a puzzle of contrasting styles, with the main ones being soft and hard weights, elegant but still sporty fabrics and typical features of Futurism, all embellished with modern touches. Itís an adventure: the garments are so unique and versatile, allowing buyers to style them as they prefer, wether it is a sober look or a bold, statement-making vision. Preserved Opulence sets no boundaries: itís all up to the customers. Creativity plays the main character.

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Gianmarco Faggiani

Iím Gianmarco, a 22 years old fashion student based in Milano attending NABA.
I come from a small town in Friuli called Precenicco. During middle school, I started a strong connection with clothing and arts. Besides my admiration for Milan as a city, the growing focus on creating looks for me and my peers really pushed me to study here.. I couldnít think of a better place. The path has not always been easy: many people didnít understand me, others even mocked my will. No matter what, building visions has always allowed me to express myself, trying something new and different. That is exactly what I will be doing. / (personal)