Deep South

Pop music was born in 1960. In the same year the artistic movement of Pop Art developed between England and the United States. Today, the images inspired by the American culture of the 1960s are reflected in the architecture of Verner Panton, an interior designer from the 1960s and in the shots taken by Matt Henry a British photographer born in 1978, who creates film sets in the deep south of the America, from which the “Deep South” collection takes its name, characterized by a strong cultural identity, in which furnishings, vintage cars, colors, clothes and make-up immerse the actors in the atmospheres of those years. A contemporary factor that has been an inspiration in the development of the collection and that reflects the culture of the 60s was a journey undertaken in New York in July 2019, and the photographs taken, characterized by a strong impact of color, which have become the main experimentation of the collection, as transformed into prints.

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Valeria Alessi

Hi, my name is Valeria Alessi and I am a NABA fashion design student in Milan. I was born and raised in Messina. My passion for fashion was born from an early age, when I realized that what I did most in my free time and that made me proud was to revisit, cut and assemble clothes to express myself. I always had the feeling that I had to create something new.

The project consists in creating a Brand Identity for the collection of the Designer VLR inspired by the pop culture and America of the 70s' states of the "Deep South" name chosen for the collection itself. The Brand Identity includes all the aspects and graphic elements / communicative that determine the perception and reputation of VLR by its audience. That deeply emotional and instinctive perception, based:first by Naming with the development and creation of the brand name, the Logo with its Conception and design of a brand, which excels in originality and quality of graphic design and typography, with the following applications.
Then the Product Identity will follow with the Development of an identity system for a brand of product or service, complete in every step and item.Together you will find the work of art direction with the organization of the parade , exhibition Design, through staging work for fashion shows, live events, pop-up stores .

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Letizia Mazza

Hi my name is Letizia Mazza, I was born in Mede now I’m studying Fashion styling and communication in Naba. My passion for fashion comes from leafing through the fashion magazines that my mom bought for her hair salon, for the passion for drawing and for my curiosity. For the last two works I developed a brand image. For the first designer I was inspired by the works of Verner Panton, his works are the true mood of the 70's. For the second designer, I was inspired by the world of digital art and by artists such as Jon Emmony,Frederik Heyman.