Laura Bigogno

I'm Laura Bigogno, I'm 21 and I live in Caronno Pertusella, in the province of Varese. I am pursuing my Bachelor of Fashion Design from NABA. In recent years I have learned more about my creativity in the fashion field, especially in manual work, in fact I have developed a passion for knitwear as it is pleasant for me to design, experiment and manually create entire projects; I am always determined to finish a job in the best way possible because the results I have achieved have gratified and motivated me to always study new processes. I am an organized girl, I have always managed to manage various situations and to work pleasantly with groups of people. I like to find myself in new situations because they stimulate me and I believe they make me grow both professionally and as a person.


My photograph of the planet right now is the vision of a continuous decomposition ironized by man's futile attempt to try to return to a "healthy" world.
I have focused on natural concepts that deal with this slow, continuous and irreversible process such as corrosion, combustion and erosion that can sometimes be caused by human intervention.
The collection is characterized by manipulations (on fabrics or knitted) inspired by this category of pollution.
Regarding man's attempt to repair the damage caused to the planet, some garments are obvious and not perfect recompositions, they are designed to vary, according to the will of the wearer.

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Decostruction Puzzle is a collection inspired by natural and irreversible processes of consumption.
These processes are very often reactions of nature to the work of man and therefore in this case they cover man. The materials of the collection are varied, as well as the colors that go from warm to cold shades. The peculiarity of the garments is that they are variable.
My project vision, after studying the characterization of the designer, is to accentuate contrast and non-homogeneity and to personify them. Then they will be placed in different and specific contexts in order to represent the first contact with reality, creating a sense of alienation due to their diversity.

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Roberto Venditto

Hi, I'm Roberto Venditto and I come from a small town in Puglia. I chose the way of fashion because I needed expressiveness.
My project can simply be explained by saying that it is an interpretation of a social problem, and the inspiration for this came to my mind while observing the designer I worked for.