Day Dream

The project starts from my desire to tell a different reality and distant, inspired by my favorite singer, Calcutta.
Often my generation and I are crushed from the world around us.
I’m living a generation that is ashamed of its own weaknesses, which is afraid of feelings, which it has the terror of binding but at the same time of stay alone. ù
ence my desire to estrange myself from the world, escape from this reality to see other things and above all see differently.
I remember when everything was easier and simpler, when I was a little girl and everything looked so different.
I want to tell how good it is to feel emotions, sensations and stop for a moment and reflect.
I want to tell a distant, romantic,natural, simple and authentic reality.
To express all this, I started from a textile job. I tried to express all these concepts through a game of shapes and transparencies. I have transformed simple fabrics into something particular, romantic, melancholic and playful at the same time.

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Melissa Riva

My name is Melissa Riva and I was born in Bergamo, Italy.
I want to dedicate myself to fashion, which I consider as an art, a phenomenon that affects many aspects of life and is a fundamental part of society. Fashion is image and meaning. I want to express myself, build, design, innovate and transmit something about me to people. I would love to be able to create fashion that adapts to the most diverse bodies by highlighting the beautiful and desirable, present in each of us. I love develop new techniques in textile design.

Melissa Riva's Memoire brand was born from her great passion for the Italian singer-songwriter Calcutta and the emotions she feels while listening. Hence her first collection dictated by very soft colors and important embroideries.
The brand follows the taste of the designer and brings with it, in graphic form, its sensations expressed in photography through the shots of Luigi Ghirri. Institutional graphics find their identity through the stylized face of Melissa translated into a logo. The parade project, the shooting and the fashion video are born from my personal interpretation of the work of this illustrious photographer combined with the melancholy and dreamy mink that I wanted to give to the collection.

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Lucrezia Radice

My name is lucrezia radice I’m twenty-one years old.
I started drawing and this took me to the choice of study art in the high school.
Growing up I found really interesting when art connects with communication because I think all kind of arts can tell a different story. That’s why I wanted to find something that could link my two passion: fashion and communication. This is the reason why I choose to study fashion styling and communication at Naba in Milan.
In the art world I delight in landscape watercolors painting, linked to my interest in the Italian territory.