Dark Kids is a visual journey made of latex and stretchy fabrics. Who do you become, when you wear a black balaclava? And what kind of behaviour does it allow? The designer of Dark Kids, Francesca Panzeri, is not afraid to picture her personal answer: her designs are bold and unapologetic, showing the wildest characters you can imagine. The model’s faces are covered, letting the viewer’s imagination run free: it can be anyone, under that surface of latex.
What would happen, if these characters were placed in an unusual setting, as can be the countryside? How would they interact with the environment? Nothing is really predictable, when such different elements collide.

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Anna Cappa

Hi! My name is Anna, and I’m 21. I was born in Italy and I have been living there since. I don’t consider fashion as a passion, but as a part of me: clothes are my mean of communication, the way I express myself and my escape from daily boredom.
Dark Kids is a very interesting collection to style. The boldness of its garments allows playful and intriguing storylines, in which nothing is set, and anything can happen. The characters channel the same vibe of the clothes: they work both in a matching environment the same way they do if in a contrasting one. Said so, the scenery they are in is an empty street, only enlightened by a street lamp, under which the characters are going to stop with their car and interact with the environment, apparently incoherent with their outfits.