Sara Cotino

My name is Sara Cotino and i was born and live in Rome.
My love for fashion has always accompanied me and it probably comes from my grandma, as she has been a tailor since she was 18 years old, and I would spend entire evenings watching her sew.

My collection describes a newly discovered population and its way of living and thinking, through textile manipulations, dyeing, shapes and patterns. The main inspiration for this project was the imaginary of a desert and dry planet discovered by man, that conceals a surprise…

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The “D3S3RT SPAC3” pre-fall woman collection comes from a barren, desert landscape that belongs to a world unknown and unrelated to human kind.
Man sets foot on this newly discovered planet, and he finds an ultra-developed form of life, with its own politics, culture, fashion, religion, language, and so on.
In this case, it is therefore man who has to adapt to the pre-existing habits of this population through a new way of thinking.
This collection is a glimmer of a culture ready to be discovered.
Textures and colours of the dry environment give birth to unique prints, patterns and textile manipulations.

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D3S3RT SPAC3 Collection Pre Fall 2022, by Coti Couture, follows an otherworldly concept based on man’s necessity to escape from the place where he lives.
The new earth is basically a desert space.
The editorial aims to represent the places described, without using a real natural landscape. The warm colours remember the ones that we can find outside even if we are in an enclosed space.

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Ludovica Del Verme

21 years old.
Born in Agropoli, Salerno.
I’m a stylist and art director based in Rome.
My main skills are graphic design, branding, editorial
projects, fashion videos and campaigns.
Branding and styling are the ones that I love taking care most.