This collection is inspired by Blade Runner in the 2049's. The film describes Los Angeles dystopia. Large companies produce organic robots called artificial human beings through genetic design. As the environment has become more severe, time and water resources have been affected. Pollution. In this highly polluted world, no organic matter can survive. Animals and plants are all extinct and commodities are difficult to find. The rise in sea level has caused several disasters: people have moved to many inland cities and have had to build dams to withstand the floods. Although there are only a small number of people on earth, the urban population is becoming denser, because the area that is livable is becoming less and less. Many areas are denied access and dangerous substances have contaminated the entire area. Artificial humans are only used for dangerous, humble or entertaining work in extraterrestrial colonies. The special police called "Blade Runners" is responsible for the hunting and "withdrawal" (i.e. the ne of their lives) of artificial human beings who resist the ban and return to Earth. So I imagine that in the future human beings ignore the rules of nature and develop excessively. The unbridled discharge of pollutants leads to too many harmful substances in the environment and pollutants cause people to suffer from incurable diseases. To survive in such an environment, people create bionics. The bionic person will not get sick and will copy his consciousness into the bionic person. Once the consciousness is copied into the bionic person, the original body will die instantly. People have to kill the original to live without death and disease on earth For me, because such an environment makes people feel anxious and eager to save the earth, people also notice the importance of harmony between man and nature and start living on earth in a sustainable way.

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Yanlan Jing

My name is YANLAN JING and I am from Yangzhou, China. Yangzhou is a city with a long history and a quaint city. I like to read various fashion magazines and apps, watch fashion movies, and collect market aesthetics. So I have a lot of interest in styling .I came to Milan because Milan is a fashion capital. There are many exhibitions and shows to improve the aesthetics. After that, I will continue my studies and improve myself. I also hope to create my own brand in the future.