Benedetta Capanni

I’m Benedetta, I’m from a small coastal town in Emilia-Romagna but I moved to Milan to study fashion design.
I’m graduating in NABA and currently I am doing an internship at a Milan-based brand.
I’ve always seen and used design as a non-verbal language, throughout which I manage to communicate my vision to a large group of people. For that reason, I love the fact that every time I approach a project I have both the chance to redefine myself and the way I interpret things, building new world and new connexions every time.


But, what is ugliness? Who or what is the monster in our society? Could it be monstrous everything we can’t show in public? So, is it grotesque everything which isn’t rule-based?
Those are the questions I ask myself.
The concept of horrid, grotesque and loathsome are kept away from the social context to avoid them acting on it, upsetting its order.
Therefore the notions linked to the grotesque are against our society where we can’t experience free and dialectical concepts, because there is the need to regulate and categorize everything. For this reason, the research is not meant to find a static definition of what “being grotesque” means, but it is a means of analysis which doesn’t want to impose any categorization.
Is it “being monstrous” the most revolutionary position we can stand for in our society?
In a specific way, the object I’ll focus on most will be the “dissident body”, a free and exposed human body which exists in a continuous momentum of self re-identifing process.

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