Conic Flask

The Collection is inspired by the book “Tutte le Cosmocomiche” by Italo Calvino.
Taking three stories as a starting point: "All in one Point", "a Sign in the Space", and "Without Color". Each story has its own strength point; In "All in one Point" it is characterized by padded drapery, in "Without Color" by a choice of contrasting strong colors with grey, and in "a Sign in the Space" by overlays and prints taken from the paintings that I painted inspired by two artist, Jana Schroder and Hiroyuki Homada. In each story you can see the two main inspiration, the one of the art between sculpture and painting, hence the choice of the artist who create three-dimensional paintings, as in the case of Hiroyuki Homada for his sculpture paintings; while for Jana Schroder, the movement of the repeated lines on itself creating thickness on the paintings. The second part is based on the androgyny and functionality, from the simple lines and minimalistic forms of Margaret Howell.

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Giorgia D'onofrio

Hi I'm Giorgia D'Onofrio, I from Latina
My passion for Fashion, started when I was a child and I was watching my father's aunt while she was sewing. Since that moment, I began to imitate her by taking fabric scraps and sewing them on my dolls. Growing up my interest in fashion has increased, watching fashion shows, and reading more and more fashion magazines. Until 3 years ago when I came in Milan to deepen my studies at NABA and get active in the world of fashion.