Nicola Cudazzo

My name is Nicola Cudazzo and I am attending the Fashion Design course at NABA.
It is now three years since I moved to Milan from Puglia, I made this choice to start the three-year course of studies in Fashion Design.
Thanks to this training I was able to learn and deepen the design tools and methodologies of fashion design, develop the ability to analyze and elaborate concepts and ideas and transfer them into complex projects, managing all the planning and implementation phases.
From a more practical point of view, university studies have allowed me to develop a good command of Adobe software and 2D and 3D modeling, for their use in a corporate and personal branding perspective.
Currently, in parallel with my studies, I am in charge of the design direction for a London company through the study of trends, the creation of moodboards, prints and graphic and customization elements, fabric research, creation of technical drawings and technical data sheets. .
At work I am characterized by a strong sense of organization, management and planning of projects respecting the deadlines and the objectives set.
From the point of view of transversal skills, the off-site experience has highlighted and developed some aspects of my character such as a good degree of flexibility both in relation to environments and people.
In my future working I aspire to insert myself in a professional context that is a constant source of growth and improvement, oriented to the development of responsibilities, to the management of increasingly complex processes from which solid professional challenges arise.
Thank you for your attention.


My collection is based on a theoretical link of sustainable ideas on long-term comfort, materials and functionality. In addition to the concept of sustainability my bosses will tell stories of demographics represented around the world facing environmental and economic challenges. My collection will be inspired by the portraits of photographer Jackie Nickerson who immortalize plantation workers in Africa. I would like to develop biodegradable and waterproof fabrics to promote sustainable textile innovation.
This inspires my desire to design for the future, to try to sell these styles with lightweight, protective fabrics to create a vision of comfortable, protective detailing with functional details.

Jackie Nickerson makes photographs that examine people and their relationship with the earth, through the physical and psychological conditions of life and work on earth. With his Terrain exhibition, Nickerson revisits East and Southern Africa, focusing on how the work's efforts leave traces on people and the environment.
Hands and plants, limbs and fabric, bodies and earth, the subjects of Nickerson's portraits are, in the most complete sense, earthly, of the earth. The workers are overshadowed by the size and weight of the crop, emphasized by the large scale of the photographs. Many of his landscapes are photographed through a thin veil of agricultural plastic, easily readable as a metaphor for our modern separation from the natural world.
Nickerson reveals the lack of personal identity in the photographs. The portraits of him are not about individual identity but are an attempt to go beyond the traditional path of documentary photography.

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Nicola Cudazzo's collection is based on a theoretical link of sustainable ideas, comfort, materials and long-term functionality. In addition to the concept of sustainability, the garments tell stories of demographics, drawing inspiration from the impactful portraits of Jackie Nickerson photography.
The collection promotes biodegradable and waterproof fabrics in order to incentivize sustainable textile innovation.
The desire that emerges is the design for the future, with light and protective fabrics to create a vision of comfort with functional details.
The brand follows the designer's taste: no piece is the same and everything is limited. An elite space in which the garments are made in few quantities.
Institutional graphics find their identity through the aka.nic_ logo, exploring two worlds: topographic and technological. The fashion show project, the shooting and the fashion video merge the streetwear world immersed in a topographic form environment.

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Elena serafini

I don't remember when my passion for fashion was born, I think it has always existed, I just had to discover it. For me, fashion is an instrument of seduction, of expression of truth, the desire to play and transform ourselves. The dress has always represented the highest expression of ourselves and through this we introduce ourselves to the people. Also fashion is always poised between dream and reality and is capable of always taking us in other worlds.