Come Fly With Me

To Frank,
As if your spirit had become a fluid that flowed around things and embraced them completely.

A jazz, swing, 40s crooner and trumpeters inspiration. Warm male voices surround a female body. Sweet words and romance of the past. A vision of strong and independent femininity, with square and dynamic lines, which always hides that romantic side, which always makes life a little more pink.
A damned woman who tries to live life her way.

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Laura Caiazzo

Born and raised in Milan from 1998. I’m a fashion designer and my studies in fashion started at Marelli Dudovich high school in Milan and continued at Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti. My background in a tailoring high school gives me a sophisticated grasp on even the most theoretical aspects of sewing and drawing, but her real passion comes from applying that knowledge to deeping studies in art of fashion and patterns techniques.

This communication project borns from the study of my colleague Laura Caiazzo’s collection: Come Fly with me. The collection is inspired by jazz, swing and crooner from the ‘40s. This inspiration borns from the masculine warm voices that envelop the female bodies, with squared and dynamic shape, that always hides a romantic side that makes life a little more rose. Studying and analyzing characters of this period and of this music genre I focalized on figures such as Billie Holiday, Marlène Dietrich, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong, trying to recreate the real jazz club atmosphere and to bring the idea of an independent woman that tries to give voice to her

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Giulia Caporese

I’m Giulia Camporese, I was born on 22 April 1998 in Genova. In 2008 my family and I moved to Aosta, place that still represents my home. I went to scientific high school and in addiction to this I always dedicated myself with passion and commitment to other activities and interests such as fashion and sport. I did a lot of different sports in competitive level, but alpine skiing was that one that I loved most. From my childhood, I always be into fashion, but I never had the possibility of studying it seriously because I lived in a small town.