Barbara Mara

Surname: Mara

When I first visited a theatrical tailoring shop, I was fascinated by that world and decided that I wanted to be a part of it. This, combined with my passion for fashion, helped to create my sense of aesthetics that led me early on to pursue fashion-centered study. I acquired technical skills including a good command of pattern making and design, and as I continued my studies I developed other skills, from CAD to graphic design skills. I am a very meticulous, perfectionist, empathetic person with a great desire to get involved and gain new experiences!

Classic Future

Classic Future is a collection inspired by the world of theater to revolutionize it with the use of LEDs. In the design transpires the desire to contaminate the classic world with the choice of unusual fabrics and materials, also maintaining the classic shapes and volumes, so the collection represents a new form of couture that aims to bring to the new generation a reality often forgotten, all to be rediscovered.

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Barbara Mara's collection is titled "Classic Future" and is inspired by the world of theater. Its intent is to bring it back into vogue among young people, but at the same time to revolutionize it with unusual fabrics and technologies. The brand name is "MERAKI" and reflects the designer's soul. Semantically, the term means doing something with passion: putting love and creativity into everything you do. An untranslatable word that reflects magical facets: in fact, in Greek (μεράκι), it is literally rendered as "essence of ourselves." The graphics maintain classic and elegant shapes and volumes. The shooting takes place in a space with classical connotations. But at the same time modern to show the both sides of such an ancient, but at the same time current art as dance.

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Melania Irace

Hi! I’m Melania Irace and I’m studying Fashion Styling and Communication.
Surrounded by the charm of the Amalfi Coast, since childhood I have developed an aesthetic sense that has accompanied my artistic and creative path. Through fashion I am able to express myself and build my identity. During these academic years I have acquired transversal skills in all fields of fashion. But what has aroused particular interest in me is production, with which I am able to reconcile my organizational and creative skills.
I am very ambitious and open to new challenges!