Dylan Lemos

My name is Dylan Lemos
I am a designer of South American origins, raised in Rome. Growing up in two cultures, being a very observant person, I believe that to better understand who I am you need to know that I like to see the reality that surrounds me like a video game, full of interconnected worlds, where you can see everything you surrounds with various visuals.
I had a humanistic education, fascinated by the study of the various cultures of man, then I decided to deepen my passion for art and fashion, studying as private practitioner courses in Fashion Illustration and Modeling. Later I chose Fashion Design at the Naba in Rome as a degree course.



The collection is inspired by the Mexican subculture of the Pachucos (30's) which later evolved into the Chicanos (70's).
The element that most characterizes them is the Lifestyle of the ZootSuit, Oversize dresses and hats, embellished with showy jewels.
Starting from here, I imagined a collection where versatility, comfort, and color are protagonists and narrating voices. Geometric and slender cuts and voluminous and fluid curves tell the story of the attacks on the Zoot
the denigrating acts including the ripping of clothes off.
According to the story, the Pachucos begin to dress in the Zoot Suit style to cross the border between Mexico and America in El Paso. This is why my landscape is inspired by the places mentioned by philosophers such as Marc Augè and Focault:
The Non-Places, are the transit areas where even if there is physical proximity, the capitalist acceleration of society does not allow there to be a real and common perception of time. Despite having similarities with institutionalized spaces, Places are distinguished by them.
From El Paso to the stations in Rome, my clothes stand out in that middle ground where everyone tries to show off and nobody succeeds.

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LemoSalas brand by Dylan Lemos is inspired by the history of the Mexican subculture of Pachucos.
Cuts, and fluid curves tell us of the attacks and physical violence suffered during the history of this minority.
The institutional graphics find their identity through the LemoSalas logo inserted in fluidized forms and declined in two colors: yellow and black.
The history of the Pachucos minority-led me to reflect on the importance of always being able to express and define oneself even when the surrounding environment is not favorable. The dress, in this case, represents an opportunity for play, a provocation but above all a border that collects and tells a tradition, a culture.
The shooting stems from my interpretation of the Border theme, which is part of Dylan's inspiration and the history of this subculture.

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Matilde Manca

I’m a stylist based in Rome.
In the last two years, I have tried to discover and work with emerging Italian designers.
I have a main focus on independent newspapers and the new panorama of Italian fashion publishing.
I like to evolve, set after set, job after job.
Styling is what I love most, but I always try to learn as much as possible from the various roles I meet along my path