Bertoni Camilla

My name is Camilla, I was born in Cavalese, a small town near Trento. Nevertheless, I have always lived in Opera in the province of Milan. I attended the Art School of Brera in Milan, and after I finished high school, I started to study Fashion Design at NABA.
My passion for fashion didnít begin in a specific moment, I think it was the result of a series of events that led me unconsciously and spontaneously to decide to study itIt is something that has always reassured me to do, that has always given me the opportunity to express myself with lightness and freedom. I am passionate about fine arts, painting, sculpture. One of my greatest passions is the study of history of art. I like to tell stories through my hands and my thoughts.


Filtering the real, imagining and walking are the themes of the collection that comes from the simplicity and sacredness of the act of walking, sign that led me to travel in the time of memories, the past and the current period.
The collection takes shape from a rich iconographic research where the walk develops in a transitional passage in space, time and places. The mountain, is interpreted and reinvented through a methodological approach that is inspired by an experimental model Munariano. The hats of the mushrooms become draped hoods, the roots of the trees rise like braids on the pants. The dress is born voluntarily two-dimensional, shape that unchanged over time retains its spirit.
Walking becomes the key to understanding the project, a state of mind that wants to express the need we have to filter the surrounding world guided by the inner one a positive attitude in a historical moment in which putting oneself concretely back on the street gives a sense of pure belonging to life.

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Walking becomes a state of being; the movement is immortalized in a dimension that joins the pictorial one. Of great inspiration were the artistic works of Sven Pfrommer ( "Burma Blur" collection ) and the photographic collection of the French artist John Balto.

The human figure is perceived as a stain of color, represented by a silhouette with indefinite contours, which gives the idea of a body fused with the environment .
The shooting was conceived following the concept of a figure in motion that like a painting blends its contour with the surrounding space; a vision that can be reached through the use of analogue photography, which gives an emotional and personal character.

The space, in which dominates the white color, is devoid of time.
Inside the setting have been inserted stones that represent the external environment incorporated inside. It is precisely the external environment where the concept of walking to feel comes to life ...

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Sara Cesareo

My name is Sara Cesareo, I am twenty-one years old and I have almost reached the end of my career in Fashion styling and Communication in Naba, which has allowed me to know new expressive forms related to the world of communication.
I graduated from the artistic high school of Brera in Milan where I started my studies in the field of design. During my training I found the place where I could unleash my passions and discover new forms of creativity , which allowed me to approach the world of art, fashion and design through the realization of various projects.I particularly love everything about the artistic world that has become an influential part of my projects, and give voice to my imagination both through the images (and the realization of shooting) and through the words (creation of editorial content).