Always accustomed to known superheroes thanks to their powers, we forget about the gift of invisibility. A mask can protect our privacy, protecting an identity that does not always need to be defined. An identity concealed by urban wear clothing able to adapt to both male and female bodies, mystifying even more the personality of a body making it uniform to many others but at the same time different in its individuality. The recurring symbol of the butterfly represents the rapid change and fragility of young age: a sudden evolution takes place under the clothes of the wearer, a hidden transformation that makes it possible to be whoever we want.

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Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso

My name is Cecilia Maria Rosaria Corso, and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at Naba (Rome). After attending law school for a few years, I decided to change course and move to a sector that would allow me to express my creativity one hundred percent. Working on different projects as Stylist and Art director, and always confronting myself with all the members of the teams I worked with, I was able to better direct my artistic vision, learning to use different methods of communication.