"Burn to be reborn" is a menswear collection that takes its inspiration from the abandoned streets of cities; those places that once had a life and now only a memory remains. Where, in them, waste of all kinds can be found. The intention is to give a new connotation to these streets and what can be found in them. To do this, I gave the collection a worn and ruined effect typical of the aesthetics of these streets through textile manipulations and I implemented a process of recycling these scraps using knitwear, working not with typical yarns, but with new materials.

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Carla Mariani

My name is Carla Mariani, I am 22 years old and I am studying fashion design at NABA.
Ever since I was young, I have loved drawing and designing entire fashion collections. However, I never had the chance to deepen this passion until I moved from Abruzzo to Rome and I started studying it. During these three years, I became interested in different fields such as knitwear, illustration and textile. I love art in all its forms so I always try to include it in my collections. I also always try to expand my knowledge, I am curious and determined!

The collection BURN TO BE REBORN by Carla Mariani is inspired by abandoned places.
The intent of the collection is to represent the worn and ruined aesthetics of these streets through the garments, using dyes, textile manipulations and the knitting technique with recycled yarns.
For the VENTIDUE brand was created a logo that consist of a word and a numeric symbol, with a font that looks like ash.
These graphics have been inserted into the other institutional elements such as labels and packaging, using colours with shades of grey and black and a pattern that looks like a ruined wall.
The concept of the shooting aims to represent the process of burning to be reborn, telling the story of a boy who, by burning past memories that he wants to get rid of contained in a suitcase, begins a new chapter of rebirth, free from the weight of the past.

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Irene Loreti

I’m a stylist and art director freelance based in Rome, with an interest for visual merchandising and visual identity for fashion brands.
After high school, I decided not to continue my languages studies but to follow the most creative part of me, that has always been there but that I have never deepened. At first I learned the basics of fashion design and then I decided to follow the path of fashion styling and communication.
I am very determined in getting my job done, always with the desire to learn new things.