Qian Jiang

My name is Qian Jiang, I’m 22 years old and I’m from China. I’m studying fashion design in NABA Rome.
I studied drawing for three years before, I was curious about how to combine my drawing skills with clothing, and I was interested in how to express my ideas through clothing, so I chose the major of fashion design.
Of all the drawing techniques, I love to express my designs and ideas with lines. I think lines are very simple and amazing, and I usually look for inspiration from nature.


My title is bullying, it's a project about bullying in school. School bullying happens almost every day in every school and the attention of society is not enough. I hope that through my graduation project, I can make a small contribution to make bullying known to more people.
I put the elements about flowers and school bullying together and I would like to express the different types of bullying and the different psychological states of the bullied victims through the different shapes of the flowers. In China, we often say that children are the future of a country and they are the flowers of countries. That’s why I used flowers to design my outfits. I chose five different flowers: sunflower, daisy, lotus, rose and Lycoris radiata. My inspiration is that I used a line for every outfit to draw the sketches according to the shapes of the flowers, and then I modified the sketches that can be made. I also incorporated abstract bullying drawings to express my project.

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The BULLYNG collection is inspired by the theme of bullying, which the designer Qian Jiang particularly cares about.
The collection tells the psychological process of those who are bullied and their suffering, through clothes that represent different types of flowers. The intensity of the patterns and colours indicates different phases and the level of suffering. The path has the purpose to tell that the suffering caused by bullying can be reacted and strengthened, never feeling wrong.
For Qian Jiang brand was created a logo with fluid and delicate lines.
The same graphics are also kept for the other institutional elements such as labels and packaging, using one of the patterns of the collection.
The concept of the shooting is inspired by the dried flowers stored in the herbaria that become one with the page.
Treated as fragile objects, these clothes tell the story of those who wore them.

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Irene Loreti

I’m a stylist and art director freelance based in Rome, with an interest for visual merchandising and visual identity for fashion brands.
After high school, I decided not to continue my languages studies but to follow the most creative part of me, that has always been there but that I have never deepened. At first I learned the basics of fashion design and then I decided to follow the path of fashion styling and communication.
I am very determined in getting my job done, always with the desire to learn new things.