Weijia Yue

Weijia yue



In My Hometown, There Is A Saying About Buddha, He Is Neither Male Nor Female, He Is What People Think He Is, Combined With The Theme Of This Landscape, It Makes Me Think That Clothing Should Not Be Divided .

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The concept of “Boundles”collection is focusing on three main keywords which are
metallic, revolute and deconstruction. Metallic fabrics has very long history which has
been used as decorations and can bee seen in our collection as well. On the other hand
deconstruction is known as a way of showing garments an un@inished appearance and
hinting at the process of design and creation. This process of design could be observed
throughout the whole collection. The colour plate which we have chose for this is darker
tones from black to greys which focuses on the concepts of old revolution times. As we
look further to the collection it can be observed that details like silver accessories, long
pants to have the folding style as well as translucent part to have the deconstruction
concepts has been used. As fabrics we have chosen silver metallic, gloss in some of the
designs and polyester, cotton wool in our collection. As a last touch of our collection we
have added iron chains on our designs which has created the boundless collection.

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Alara Akyuz

I’m Alara Akyuz. I’m 21 years old. I was born in
Turkey on 9 March 2001. I have been living in Milan
for 3 years. I’m studying fashion styling and
communication at Naba University for 3 years.