The dropping collection is born from the idea of sound distortion, that the designer interpreted in her own way, and mixed with her deep interest for 90s fashion and for streetwear, intended as clothing for a group of people that want to express themselves and their belonging to a movement.
BEATS presents strong influences coming from the 90s hip hop and grunge music panorama in the US, thus from an art movement called Op(tical) Art, consisting on the illusion and distortion of human’s sight.
but the main inspiration is actually a movie, his characters and its location: ‘’Pulp Fiction’’, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

This is the starting point for the development of my idea of REALITY DISTORTION.
As a dissatisfied person, I always want to modify what’s around me and the reality in which I live; so I divided the concept of reality distortion in FIGURE or SHAPE DISTORTION, that is the act of modifying ourselves and our appearance and TEMPORAL-SPACIAL DISTORTION.
Science says that when the speaker’s volume limit is exceeded, it automatically breaks sound waves, which get distorted, modified. Distortion happens when the normal flow of sound waves is broken by a certain agent.
In music history, we find the first sound distortion in the 50s, but in the 60s and 70s it became a real statement for almost all the rock bands; an event which caught my attention is the fist DIY distortion attempt, made by the Kinks in 1963, when they were bored by clean guitar sound and so decided to cut the speaker with a knife to distort it.
For what concerns figure/ shape distortion I got inspired by garments that have changed human’s shape through history, such as the corset, in all its possible shapes.

TEMPORAL SPACIAL DISTORTION reminded me of the non linear narration used by Quentin Tarantino in his masterpiece Pulp Fiction, directed in 1994 in Los Angeles, CA.
And - what I find really interesting about this director is his genious and his uniqueness; I was amazed when I found out that he invented his fictional trademarks for commercial products such as cigarettes or fast foods, and what caught my eye was the colorful graphics and desings, which I took as an inspiration to compose my graphics/patterns.
I couldn’t not talk about the other aspect connected to Pulp Fiction: it is its location. Los Angeles, California.
A warm city full of energy which gave me inspiration about colors and prints, but also about the mood of the collection, which is aimed to be worn on city streets.
I think that one aspect that excites me the most about Los Angeles is their culture for sport in general, but in particular for skateboarding;
skatewear has been one of my inspiration for those baggy, comfortable and oversized clothes, which match perfectly the mood of this first drop.
One aspect on which I focalised and played more is their knee and helbow protections, which cought my attention for the interesting padding shapes in correspondence of the bones.

Talking about the 90s, to design this collection i was truly influenced from the hip hop panorama of these years in the USA: Aaliyah, Tupac, Missy Elliot, A Tribe Called Ques, Da Brat, and many many others are icons whose influence on me was particularly strong thanks to those those chill sounds that were sovrastated by those strong and decisive words, which have been the voice of an entire population during this decade.
The symbol of a female rapper, which was kinda new and ‘‘strange’’ at the time, because it was meant to be something for boys only, helped me to find the perfect target for my first womenswear collection drop, which is meant to be for women who can wear anything they want, overcoming the barriers of preset fashion rules that, unfortunately, in some environments still exist.

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Batrice Bocconi