Back to the Roots

Idea of coming back to classics and elegance is based on bourgeois commandments
of making quality wardrobe.
It is contemporary ready-to-wear garments with an accessory line, which is absolutely wearable to the office, business meeting or dinner with friends. There is no concept of a costume or an evening gown.
The materials which are used in the collection are 100% natural or recyclable.
My perception of contemporary women wardrobe is “solid basic clothes, strengthen with a surrealistic details”, such as a ruffles, which reminds us birds wings, real feathers or 3D leather modifications. I would like to convey to the viewer that “vulgar wastefulness” is a past century, while classicism is a modern way of living.
The essence of the collection is a conscious consumption.

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Anastasia Kozlova

My name is Anastasia Kozlova and I was born and raised in Moscow in 1991. I’ve studied In Moscow State University on faculty of Philosophy. After I moved to Italy in 2014, I was enrolled to Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore on the faculty of International Management.
After some time I decided to follow the call off my heart and receive an art education, so in 2017 I enrolled to NABA.
I’m very hungry for knowledge that’s what keeps me going. I enjoy learning process and in art and fashion there is always something new, whether you dig into history books or you visit contemporary exhibitions.

Some of us felt more connected to nature due to the current events of our dramatically changing world. Since the concept of the designer who I collaborated with is “Back to the roots”, we tried to convey the feeling of isolation united with the feeling of merging with nature by making a still life photoshoot with trees and statues instead of the models.

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Ekaterina Shevtsova

I am Ekaterina Shevtsova.
I was born in Russia and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at NABA. I find inspiration in everyday life, strangers I meet on the street and start wondering what their stories are and, of course, cinema and art. Before coming to NABA I studied contemporary art and fashion design, but my real passion is Styling. What fascinates me is bringing designer outfits to life by creating a narrative during the shoot.