Maria Manrique

My name is Maria Manrique, I am 21 years old, and I was born in Colombia. My love for fashion started since I was little. I have always loved shoes and accessories, which has led me to pursue a career in fashion. I like to focus on the impact I can make as a designer through wearable technology and circular design. I aim to improve garments through inclusive, functional, and infallible solutions.


Small actions have a big impact.

Many cultures around the world share the concept of having special clothing for staying at home or doing housework. The reasoning behind this varies. However, staying at home is a reality that the world has been forced to experience as one. This has lead to a shift in mindset for many, as we come to rediscover a need for change. Real change comes from within, from each home, and the everyday tasks that most see as banal and tend to overlook.

The collection explores the reasoning behind clothing deemed for staying at home and housework. The functionality that this provides according to different needs and points of view. Giving a solution to these obstacles, resulting in garments that are meant to fulfill the important task of staying at home.

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Minimal but put together, discreet but surreal, elevated but for staying home, these may seem like paradoxes, but in Mariaís collection ďAT RESTĒ they all come together.
Influenced by the times we are living in, Mariaís work gives an original twist on loungewear. Functionality and high fashion come together creating a perfect collection for home.
After the year we have all gone through, home has become where we spend most of our time, and in some way it feels like we are living in a dream, the clothes bring to life a surreal experience when the model starts dancing in the living room; things are disconnected, but at the same time they make so much sense.

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Islay Silvia Maria Dunlop

Iím Islay Silvia Maria Dunlop, Iím 22 years old and I am half Italian, half Scottish, but I was born and raised in Italy.
I started getting close to fashion from a very young age since it was a way for me to communicate with others and how I understood others.
After this past year fashion has gone through a necessary change that canít be ignored; I strongly believe that it is our duty to keep sustaining this evolution towards a more sustainable and ethic industry.