Starting from the theme “The Sound of Fashion” given by NABA, I was interested in a project by Timo Wirsching a Photographer and Nell Kalonji a Fashion Editor, this project captured portraits of students from the Guildhall School of Music listening to pieces of music they felt a strong emotive connection to. The portraits where very expressive and showed deep emotions, articulated with happiness, sadness, excitement, grief and empowerment. I wanted to further explore music as a spiritual and healing method and explain the concept of emotions in relation to the nervous system.
I based my designs on multiple fashion elements such as the iconic tailored suit, fringes and embroidery that I thought would best represent this collection. Fashion is used to describe and portray emotions, it’s a way of communicating feelings and thoughts to a greater public. In this collection I intended to further explore this new idea of couture that is so expressive and based on performance.

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Areen Bosheh

Inspired by details and fascinated by history and culture, my dream made its way Italy to study Fashion. I’m a female born in Ramallah, Palestine on February 2nd, 2000. Raised in a loving and supportive family, I was always encouraged to follow my dreams. I graduated from Ramallah Friends School with a Scientific International Baccalaureate Diploma, and I am currently doing my Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design in NABA Milano. I’m fluent in both Arabic as my first language and English as my second and a beginner in Italian. I enjoy textile design and material manipulations.

Inspired by a project of students being photographed while listening to emotion-evocing music, Areen follows the delicate connection between music and the nerves system. Sourcing for different manipulations and techniques to represent her idea, she creates a powerfull image of couture to convey feelings and thoughts.

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Viktoria Beluhova

I choose to follow Jorge Bucay’s explanation in life, where we are given three pivotal moments during our being. The first is when we acquire the tools we need. The second - when we learn how to use them in order to achieve satisfactory results. And the third - when we take care of what we have created and continue to improve.
My fashion path will continue to be paved with every effort I put into future work. The third part of our life is always the longest - it takes a lot more to be properly developed and it never stops growing.
And I am nothing else, but excited to see where it will take me!