Medeine Zigilejute

I came to Naba to explore my passion for fashion and personal style. After deciding to leave Lithuania, my home country, and come to Milan, I realized how much more there is to look for. The people and events around me definitely drive me. For that, this collection sums up all the knowledge I've got throughout these past few years.



Nowadays when the talk about the global warming is so common, it makes us wonder what would happen if the city that we live in, would turn to a desert overnight. It would require reaction and adaptation not only in our living habits, but also in the wardrobe. In the collection, I’m taking street-wear and mixing it with the concept of the desert, elements from it, and the importance of the sustainability behind it.


/arid/ - (of land or a climate) having little or no rain.
/burg/ - a town or city.

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For this collection, taking inspiration from the idea of a world where the heated dunes meet the city life. A world where fashion not only is a way of self expression in a metropolitan lifestyle, but also as a durable and practical tool in a harsh climate.

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Terese Strømme

My name is Terese Kyle Strømme. I was born and raised in a small town in Norway called Lillehammer. Here, I took an apprenticeship in Women’s Tailoring and got my Craftsmanship certificate. Now I am based in Milan, and finishing my degree in Fashion Styling and Communication. After learning the depth of how design and the art of crafting garments works, I have grown a passion for storytelling through fashion. Wether it is through video, photography or shows, my goal is to captivate the viewer by telling a visual story and mastering this art.