Ansiosa Armonia

My collection is inspired by the sound that “Geyser” emit, water jets and water vapor accompanied by boraciferi shower heads. I revisited this sound intensification in a personal perspective, linking it to anxiety.
Fabrics are perceived as a state of calmness simulating the modification of the surface of an inactive geyser, changing just as anxiety changes a person’s emotional state.

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Martina D'Adamo

I’m 22 years old, I was born in Monza, now I live in Milan, and I come from Puglia, from Copertino in the province of Lecce.
My passion for fashion started as a child and then continued over the years with interest in this course of study, in fact after high school fashion address I chose to study Fashion Design in NABA.

For this project I created the graphic part of Martina D’Adamo’s brand
Starting from the following keywords: nonconformist, sustainable, excessive, vintage, underground, delicate, tormented I studied the logo, the business card, the label and the packaging.
I also created the coordinated image of her “Ansiosa Armonia” collection.
Her collection is inspired by the sound emitted by geysers. This very loud and sudden sound has been linked to the concept of anxiety.
The fabrics represent the state of calm and inactivity of a geyser that it changes its surfaces just as anxiety changes the emotional state of a person.
Not having the outfits available, I decided to display the product through the designer’s sketches. First of all I’ll show the fabrics of the collection.
The fabrics and their handling are important elements of the designer’s work.
Then always starting from the sketches I made animations. The idea was to represent the anxiety through the sketches that accompany the illustration. This is to highlight the manual and material part of her collection.

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Sara Dozio

Hi! I’m Sara and I’m 22 years old.
I live in Merate, a city not far from Milan.
Since I was a child I have always been passionate about fashion. I liked to observe the world and the people around me. I spent hours reading and watching magazines.
Today this passion and interest are still strongly present in me. That's the main reason why I want to work in this world.