Pol Enzo Raphael Ginisti

Hi i’m Pol Ginisti, french student coming from Lyon, studying Fashion design in NABA.
As far as i can remember, i always has been sensible to art in general, but more specifically to fashion. Always searching for new ways of expressing my creativity, i try to make collections that are bold and impacting : i usually find my inspiration in strong simbolism and abstract concepts, digging into cinema, music, paintings… My aesthetic can be caracterized as quite messy and agressive.



The concept of the collection is to represent the desire to turn against an increasingly homologated and conformist world. Everything has been unified and standardized: in the era of compliance, staying true to yourself is a challenge and a gesture of rebellion.
To illustrate the concept, the idea is to use iconic elements that represents bureaucracy and capitalism (absolute representative of conformity), mixing them with punk culture and dance elements. The punk ideology is mainly unconventional, it rejects the mainstream and corporate mass culture, it creates a community for those who always feel marginalized. Dancing is the right way to express its difference and creativity, and to get rid of the rules established by society.
The purpose of this collection is to appropriate the symbolisms of bureaucracy and capitalism, with the scope to transform them and create a satire, an anomaly in the system.

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