Valentina Barbaro

I am a student from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (naba) in Milan, at the end of my third year of fashion design.
My interest for art has always been there, since i was a child. I always thought art, within all its aspects, could be a powerful instrument of communication, and in both my cultural formation and growing process i always lived in touch with all kinds of art, from visual arts to theater.
I see fashion as the most interesting and rich expressive environment and as the possibility to either express my social vision or translate the preexisting into new forms.
I am an extremely conceptual person, very curious and attracted by what could get people emotional. Giving a concrete form to emotions is indeed my mission in the field of fashion design.


History tells us that in Ď900, Lucio Fontana challenged superficial space to reach an unknown and infinite fourth dimension.
Today, as then, this work is also in search of a fourth dimension that can be translated into the Soul of things, of people.
The cuts in this collection are the link between the inside and the outside.
Only in this way it is possible to achieve balance, the purpose of our existence.
ďANIMAĒ wants to be a message:
Not to stop only at the surface but also to take care of the inside of a garment, of a person, in order to achieve harmony and balance.

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History tells us that, during the 20th century, Lucio Fontana challenged the superficial layer and reached the fourth dimension; an unknown and infinite space. Today, I am trying, through this project, to reach that fourth dimension, translitted as the soul of both objects and people. In this collection, the cuts represent the link between the outside and the inside. Only this way it is possible to reach the balance: purpose of our lives. ďANIMA" is meant to represent a message: don't stop at the superficial layer, but focus on the hidden side of a garment, of a person, in order to reach harmony and balance.

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Maicol Santocchi

Iím Maicol and Iím 22 years old. Iím from Foligno, a city in Umbria, in the center of Italy. I've been living in Milan for three years and I'm studying Fashion Styling & Communication at NABA. My passion for fashion started when I felt the need to communicate my identity, express my aesthetics and feel appreciated for it. My inspiration was born from the work of Fontana: the cut allows us to receive love from others and give our love to those around us. This reciprocity guarantees a balance, the purpose of our existence.