Ivan D'Onofrio

Arts have always been a fundamental part of my life ever since I can remember, fashion too. Designing a collection is like following a recipe: a method to follow, ingredients to mix and a result which is able to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Designing and cooking, explain perfectly my approach to life: organized, patient and determined. Each collection is a recipe and each recipe is the way to start from zero, to discover new worlds and create new stunning dimensions


“Horror vacui” is a Latin expression which means “fear of the empty”, a phobia that pushes who suffers to fulfill all the available space with thousands of elements. The collection overturns this concept, playing with volumes and shapes that create an empty dimension between body and clothes. Each piece became a sort of second skin, a protective shell in which the wearer can move freely and find solace. The clothes become a safety zone in which the deepest self can be find. Artists like Dadamino and Manzoni, Malevic? and Ryman help to find a touchable solution to the topic of “vacuum”, thought the colors and the shapes, while the master of couture, Cristobal Balenciaga, gives different suggestions on the development of volumes. The world of the ‘60s Jet-Set is the atmosphere that definitely gives the clothes the sublime elegance of effortless chic. Therefore, “Amor vacui” is a reflexion about a world that is ending and a new bright one that has just begun.

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The shell is the representation of the concept of safety and protection, a symbol of a place considered safe and welcoming.?In our mind the past is considered a place of refuge,?from which to draw the best memories and sensations, on the contrary of a present considered less welcoming and attractive.?Therefore, I have decided to use an aesthetic for my project retro, which refers to a style familiar to us and incarnation of sensations never perceived again, adapting it, however,?to the contemporary. The intent, therefore, is creation of a style in which the past and the present mix.?Also, I decided to use the wide-angle technique so that the enhancement of the shapes of the clothes stands out more and suggest the mix of the two styles even more.

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Francesca Ponti

I'm Francesca Ponti, i'm twenty-three, currently i am studying Fashion Styling and Communication.??I already knew from an early age,� that my future was in the world of fashion. I enjoyed designing clothes and making clothes with towels. I didn't want to be a stylist, I imagined myself behind the desk of a fashion magazine, writing articles after articles; thinking that that was the right way.??Growing up, thanks also to the studies undertaken, I realized that the world I had chosen was the right one but I no longer saw myself behind the desk of a magazine but behind the scenes: coordinating a photo shoot or a fashion show; make decisions that can completely change an idea and make it a reality. This is why I chose to study Styling and communication.