Ilenia Cifarelli

My name is Ilenia Cifarelli I am 22 years old, I just come from a city
became the capital of European culture 2019 that is Matera. I was born and raised in a simple family where my mother passed on the art of sewing to me, and since I was a child I also helped her with small gestures such as threading the thread through the eye of the needle. Over the years I discovered that I loved drawing a lot and so at a certain point in my life I decided to combine my favorite hobby that is drawing and the art of sewing by choosing a professional institute in the fashion sector. Once I finished 5 years of high school, I decided to enroll in the academy of fine arts. Thanks to this path that I have undertaken, I am able to fully express myself.


The Amazon Rainforest covers most of the northwest of Brazil and extends over the territory of Colombia, Peru and others
South American countries. It is the largest of the rainforests in the
planet and is famous for its biodiversity.
The Amazon is also known as the "Green Lung" of the Earth due to its extent and importance; but which unfortunately, due to a large number of fires, has begun to destroy itself, also destroying the flora and fauna that reigns there, also leading to the destruction of some of the indigenous villages that occupy it.
For this in the collection there will be a confrontation between the before and after of the destruction of the great green lung, playing through
colors and shapes that characterize it.

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The idea for this shooting start from the use by Ilenia Cifarelli's in her collection The Amazonia of fabrics and natural manipulations, inspired by the "green lung" of the world, which, to the various fires that occurred, destroyed the flora, fauna and some villages and its colors changed. For the shooting I chose to create a series of still life to underline the change after the various fires in the area.

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Martina Alvi

I am Martia Alvi from Naples and living in Milan for tree years. I am twenty one years old. I have always loved fashion and . I decided to study styling because I fascinated by creating images that can communicate emotions, sensations and tell a story with the help of clothes and accessories. The part that I prefer along with the final realization is the process and the research to arrive at the final result.