Nicole Pozzi

I am a cheerful and dynamic girl. From my studied and personal experiences, I’ve learned to work and collaborate with other people.

I think that the only way to create our future is to believe in ourselves and never give up.

In my everyday life, I consider this philosophy as an inspiration. Moreover, I never lose sight of my objectives because I’ve learned that only with responsibility and tenacity we can achieve our goals.


Alticent is a collection that creates a combination of two completely different worlds: the first one is the costume of the 18th century and the second one is the technical clothing used for mountaineering and climbing.
The aim is to mix two very distant realities by taking some key features of both and adapting them in order to make them coexist.
The key feature of the entire collection is the waistline that is highlighted in all outfits thanks to corsets, skirts and high-waisted trousers. Contrary to the waistline there are large volumes in the lower or upper parts maintained by load-bearing structures that act as a skeleton.
The fabric chosen are the modern reinterpretation of brocades through padding and prints.
White, black, green and brown are the predominant colors and they are blurred on the layers of the clothes. They are also combined with accessories such as buckles, laces and carabiners.

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