In the "Upcycling" collection, Africa joins modernity to tell a story of reuse, rediscovery of the natural landscape and enhancement of recycled materials. The strong point of this collection are the manipulations that I wanted to make the key to the interpretation of the whole project. Handcrafted materials and special textures become the protagonists of a fashion show and event set in a naturalistic context. A "green" walkway is immersed in a wooden grid and surrounded by particular seats, all different from each other to create conviviality. The manipulations also return in the invitation of the show, also designed in recycled materials and which enhances the designer's manual work.

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Giorgia Sarto

I’m Giorgia Sarto, I’m from Gela, a city in Sicily and I have lived in Milan for the past three years. I started NABA driven by a passion for fashion and the opportunity to get to know this world at 360 degrees through different teachings, from sewing to the history of art. I attended classical high school and my predisposition is towards writing. I like to talk about fashion and therefore I see myself in the future working in the world of publishing or advertising. In this project I tried to create an environment that reminded of Africa, nature, craftsmanship that is making more and more space in fashion, building the representation of the collection around the use of recycled