Alice in Wonderland

The main concept of this collection is the welll-know tale “Alice in Wonderland”.
The main point that i’ve decided to focus on are the famous episodes where Alice is forced repeatedly to change size.
Here, i want to mention the homonym syndrome that exist in the real world which is a neuropsychological condition that distorts perception. People may experience distortions in visual perception such as micropsia (objects appearing small), macropsia (objects appearing large), pelopsia (objects appearing to be closer than they are), or teleopsia (objects appearing to be further away than they are). Size distortion may occur in other sensory modalities as well. All these symptoms, somehow can be connected to the circumstances she has to face like metioned previously.
In the collection i intend to develop this topic thinking about fabric manipulation, fabrics that can grant outfits the features of being changeable (change size) or that can render the growth effect.

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Zhou Chiara

My name is Zhou huijing Chiara, i was born in Italy but i’m chinese. My passion for fashion comes from my childhood since my mom worked as a seamstress and from then this sector has always fascinated me. I really like working by hand and i’m very interested in playing with the structure of the pattern.