AK is the project of Alessandra Tagoe, a young fashion designer with African origins that grew up in Italy.
Alessandra chose AK as the name of her brand because she wants it to have a strict bond with her afro heritage.
The idea behind AK came from the New York district of Harlem, that through the 20th century has become the epicenter of the Afro-American culture. The brand has the purpose to talk about the identity of the Harlem neighborhood through its history and that means talking about the roaring ‘20s and the blues music, the segregation year, racism and talking about the rights that afro-american people has gained during several years of fighting. Unfortunately, the fight is not over yet, but AK wants to celebrate and be proud of the rights and the freedom that the afro community has conquered in over a century of history.
The brand is based on the exaltation of the music, fashion, style and creativity of the afro community.

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Ughetta Lauritano

Ughetta Lauritano
Born and raised in northern Italy in the small town of Cremona.
I’m an art lover and I appreciate every form of art, but I have a passion for fashion, cinema and photography.
I enjoy creating handmade object with fabrics and yarn like tote bags and knitted balaclavas and I recently started my own small business called Sublime Minimalisme.
My passion for art and crafts is one of the reasons that made me decide to study fashion in NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.

Ig: @b_lauritano and @sublime_minimalisme