Maria Ana Bahamonde Parodi

I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Miami when I was two until the age of ten, later I moved to Paraguay and returned to Lima at age twelve. Moving around alot as a child taught me to embrace change and immerse myself in different cultures. My aesthetic celebrates the female figure, taking inspiration from swimwear and lingerie, using knits as my main medium. My pieces mix sensuality and playfulness with a sense of empowerment through confidence in one's own skin, expressing personal moods and emotions through these.



In times of darkness and uncertainty people yearn to escape. The pandemic proved art is the medium we do it with. I decided to create a sparkling world where people radiate light, self love and hope.

The collection is focused on my interpretation of Space Age, tailoring and lingerie. The innocent enthusiasm towards space exploration in the 1960s resonated with me, reminding me of my enthusiasm for life after Covid 19. The knit lingerie pieces are merged with more strict, tailored pieces adding a sense of playfulness and fantasy to the looks.

My work is mainly focused on knitwear and creating sensual, textured garments with some sparkle, simulating stars or light in the darkness. My ideal woman for this collection is delicate, sensual, confident and has a sort of etherealness to her. She feels comfortable in her skin and is not afraid to show it and also uses fashion as a means of expression, her outfits represent what she feels in that moment. She is her own muse.

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This brand is cute, comfortable, youthful, sensual and moody. the woman in this collection is sensitive, artistic and uses fashion as means as self expression. She is innocent in some ways yet sensual and comfortable in her own skin while still being playful. The designer worked mostly with knits and like to experiment with texture so the pieces are very comfortable and easy to move in.
When I first saw her design, I felt that I needed to show a sense of distance from the current world in styling.Part of her design has sci-fi ,bold sexy and comfortable, soft elements, I need to balance these elements and combine them. Just like what the designer wants to express, use the simplest and most primitive elements to complete the mission that a dress should have on a woman.

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Yang Shen

My name is yang shen,Iím 24 years old.I was born in china and I am studying Fashion Styling and Communication at NABA. My passion for fashion comes from my love for all kinds of different clothes. I find inspiration in my everyday life, I liked to observe the world and the people around me. I think that styling is telling a visual story in my own language, which makes me think the process is very interesting.