Alessandra Licitra

I’m Alessandra Licitra and I’m 22 years old. I’m graduating in Fashion design from NABA.
My professional skills are the creation of textile manipulations and the design of collections from research to packaging.
As for technical skills, I have a good command of Adobe graphics programs.
My greatest interest is to create unique products trying to use eco-sustainable materials as much as possible.
Working in a team fascinates me a lot because I believe that the exchange of ideas with others is of fundamental importance, but I am also able to work alone.

A New Landscape

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The "A New Landscape" collection tells the story of the ability to come out of the entanglement dictated by social media and society to discover a new, almost fantastic landscape. I decided to interpret the collection, emphasizing the contrast between the cage from which man frees himself and the world of "flying houses" that awaits him outside. The show that I have created is a play of colors, of cardboard houses floating in the sky that covers a catwalk trapped in the net. The communication focuses on the concept of destroying this cage, as can be seen from the invitation that must be opened in different cards to discover its contents.

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Giorgia Sarto

I’m Giorgia Sarto, I’m from Gela, a city in Sicily and I have lived in Milan for the past three years. I started NABA driven by a passion for fashion and the opportunity to get to know this world at 360 degrees through different teachings, from sewing to the history of art. I attended classical high school and my predisposition is towards writing. I like to talk about fashion and therefore I see myself in the future working in the world of publishing or advertising. In this project I describe the need to get out of the imposed cage of society through a playful catwalk, which projects into an almost fantastic world, in order to lighten the difficult moment in which we all find ourselves.