A group of kids

A group of kids at the corner of the street talking about the end of the world

This collection project takes in exam the great phenomenon of cultural independence, most of all in the music scene.
The aesthetic is build on the historical evolution of the social event itself and some of the conceptual elements it works on.
The main topic is so divided in three parts: the origins with the underground movements, the contemporary trend and eventually the mutual nostalgic love topic, which is a signature for the majority of old and new indie artists.

1. The origins, the very moment of difference between the mass culture and the
independent one: the birth of underground subcultures.

2. The contemporary retrieval: new artists, new kinds of exclusive clubbing, new brands.
This generation still needs to find his own free voice, his own way to communicate and be part of the society far from mass control.

3. The genderless commentary.
Indie music is a music genre that does not follow any genre rules.
Indie artist are not forced into any kind of formal standards, they are totally free to experiment with their artistic sensitivity and personal taste. So, from this consideration, the collection has been projected with only genderless garments.

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Martina Camillo

My name is Martina, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Avellino, but in 2017 I moved to Milan in order to start my Fashion Design studies and career. Three years ago I finally decided to follow my desire to enter and discover the huge Fashion World system and now I can say that starting with NABA has been the right choice. In fact, during these years I experienced a lot of it: I worked in some backstage as a dresser, I worked in Brunello Cucinelli showroom as a guide for clients and most of all I discovered to be very interested in Kidswear fashion world, I also worked for three months as an intern for “Crochette” a Milan company. I am very proud of these little goals reached and I am very hopeful for my and our future.
Fashion world needs some serious changes and I feel ready to work on it being aware and focused on what now is the priority.
When I don’t work on my projects, I love reading, writing down my thoughts and walking around places, natural or urban ones and in the while taking pictures that could be project inspiration or just random memories.

The concept of this project took place from the study of independent music, as a form of individuality and artistic movement.Subjectivity understood as the ability to make one's own, internalize and live an experience, a sensation, an idea. It concerns the birth and the spread of this type of music. The aim is to create a brand including a state of mind: everyone can express itself. The image brand becomes the symbol of this idea in order to be suitable for every artistic personality. Experience yourself.

Simone Morelli

I’m from the south of Italy, and I’m 22 years old.
Since I was a child I have always thought I was different from the others, I used my body in dancing and creating something. I used to wonder how use the body to express myself as long as I found out that the fashion system is the tool I need to tell about world and myself. I believe into individuality.