Denisa Rad

I am 23 years old, born in Romania, raised in Verona and based in Milano.

I started my fashion studies during my early age back in High School and I’ve moved to Milano in order to develop my skills and pursue my future career. I consider myself curious, focus oriented, reliable yet precise and motivated. Among all fields of the fashion industry I would like to approach and learn more about Haute Couture and its craftsmanship.

I believe in the idea of telling stories through fashion and my biggest goals are to become Couturier and Creative Director of a luxury brand one day.



This Spring Summer 23 Haute Couture collection is aimed to have a strong visual impact
due to its light yet dramatic volumes. It has an historical background as inspiration, as well as the research of the “new”.

Focused on craft, shapes and structures, the collection presents detailed pieces with many layers of fabric, quilting and manipulations.

The main color is White, along with creamy shades.
White means innocence. White is the beginning of everything, it is a starting point.

“50 meters of” has the desire to create dreams by leaving your emotions flow,
letting your inner feelings out and emphasizing/altering the perspective of the surrounding
landscape. I like the idea of delivering dreams and telling stories through garments, giving women the possibility to express themselves and their personalities as well as giving them memories and desires.

The collection is meant to fit a Confident, Playful, Romantic yet Spontaneous woman. She is in charge, wearing a piece of the collection.

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Whimsical, romantic and apparently innocent, thanks to its dominant color, "50 meters of “is an explosion of volumes. This Spring Summer 2023 has a very strong visual impact. The references to history are clear as well as the search of the "new".
Looking at the voluminous layers of tulle in the white and cream color palette, it is impossible not to immerse yourself in a dreamy world from which it is difficult to escape.

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Anna Opizzi

Hello, my name is Anna Opizzi and I’m a fashion stylist. Transparency, balance and perseveran- ce are the three values that I have always had in my heart. My passion for the storytelling through fashion and images derives from a lifelong obsession; since I was a child I have always tried to manipulate clothes and images to tell new stories. I think that images have a very strong power, often, more than any words.